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John Kerry Caught Lying under Oath (Free)

John Kerry caught lying 'under oath' in front of US congress regarding climate hypocrisy. This is a FREE article

John Kerry is the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

He was answering questions to House Republicans over questions related to flying on private jets.

The following is from Twitter, don’t pay attention to the remarks just play the video.

John Kerry said:

“we” don’t own a private jet… I don’t own a private jet ….

a few moments later

Yes, my wife owns a plane

Play the video


I see a pattern here …

Many celebrities and politicians are telling us to reduce our carbon footprint.

But when you look closer, you notice that those “climate” prophets have a luxurious and expensive lifestyle with big houses, cars, private planes, yachts, expensive clothes, jewels, etc …

My favourite one’s are Bill Gates, di Caprio, Lewis Hamilton, John Kerry, Frans Timmermans, Ursula von der Leyen, prince Harry ….

They don’t lead by example, they want to change our lifestyle but are unable to change their own lifestyle.


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