Novamont supplies British Government

Novamont becomes selected supplier to the British Government. Novamont MaterBi is the King amongst Bioplastics.

Prime Minister May showed her intentions to reduce plastic pollution by banning single use plastics earlier this year (see article).

In accordance to May’s initiative, the Foreign Office has decided that all UK diplomatic missions should apply a “plastic-free” policy, especially for single-use products.

Novamont has been selected as a partner to supply sustainable alternatives to plastic products. To celebrate the Queen’s birthday on the 14th of June, Novamont supplied the British Embassy in Rome and Consulates in Naples and Milan with plates, placemats, trays, clingfilm, cutlery and glasses,

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Novamont MATER-BI bioplastics are biodegradable and compostable in accordance with the UNI 13432 standard. MATER-BI bioplastics can be disposed of in composting plants together with the organic fraction of the separate waste collection.

Andrea Di Stefano, Novamont’s head of special projects and business communication, made the following statement:

“By making this choice, the British Embassy in Italy is making a gesture of great educational value, against the squandering of natural resources and in favour of the separate collection of organic waste and its potential as a remedy for desertification, one of the causes of the rise in the Earth’s temperature.”


rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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