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UK Retailer Morrisons Disrupts Plastic Food Packaging

UK Retailer Morrisons will replace plastic bags with brown paper bags for the loose fruit and vegetables and claims the change will save 150 million plastic bags every year. 

The paper bags are made from recycled paper and will have a see-though paper strip for cashiers to see what’s inside the bags. The chances are high that other supermarkets chains will follow.

Last month, Morrisons asked its customers to bring their Tupperware containers to the supermarkets if they intended to buy meat or fish. The objective is to replace  polystyrene trailers and plastic bags.

Morrisons will reward their customers who bring their own containers with extra loyalty points worth 10p.

Morrison’s will continue to sell multi packs of fruit and vegetables in plastic bags.

Morrisons has committed that all plastic in its stores is recycled, reusable or compostable by 2025.