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UK Fashion Retailer Goes Bioplastics

UK Fashion Retailer is probably the first in the fashion industry to switch to Bioplastics bags.

Pink Boutique is an online clothes and fashion shop for women and they will use mailing bags made from polyethylene made from sugar cane, commonly referred to as Green PE. The bags are made from renewable resources and are carbon-negative. The mailing bags are produced by Manchester based Duo UK Packaging company.

Anthony Brimelow, Commercial Director at Duo UK made the following statement:

“The use of GreenPE avoids the need for plastic produced from finite fossil fuels which, as we know is a limited source. Plus, as the sugarcane grows it captures and stores CO from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This new material has the potential to have a significantly positive effect on the packaging industry from both a sustainability and a CO emissions perspective.”

Julie Blackie, Financial Director and co-owner of Pink Boutique, made the following statement:

“Having seen the positive environmental impact that the 5p charge for single-use carrier bags has had on the high-street, we were keen to find a mailbag provider that would help us with our goal of using resources sustainably. We are extremely proud to be working with Duo to become the first pure play fashion retailer to offer our customers a mailing bag made from a renewable source. We hope that other companies quickly follow suit as we come together to tackle this fundamental issue.”