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Xinhuarun and Reverdia Partner to Develop Microcellular Bio-based PU Foam for Shoe Soles

Reverdia (the JV between Roquette, France and Royal DSM, Holland) and Dezhou Xinhuarun Technology (China) have signed an agreement to jointly develop and promote Biosuccinium™-based microcellular polyurethane (PU) foams. These new microcellular foams will be used in soles for footwear and further applications.

Biosuccinium™ is the trade name of Reverdia’s bio-based succinic acid produced since 2012 in Cassano Spinola (Italy). Biosuccinium™ is a buiding block for the production of downstream chemicals like 1,4 butanediol (BDO), polyurethane resins, and biopolymers such as polybutylene succinate (PBS) used, amongst others applications, in paints and coatings, automotive and textiles.

Xinhuarun has been dedicated since 1996 to the development and manufacturing of functional footwear, shoe soles and innovative polymers. As an industry pioneer, Xinhuarun has adopted technologies which lead and serve the footwear market, including polymer synthesis, chemical modification, blending modification and dynamic vulcanization.

Ms. Liang Yanzhi, Chair of the Board at Xinhuarun said, “Xinhuarun will work exclusively with Reverdia, using Biosuccinium™ for its microcellular PU foams in shoe soles. Going forward, we will expand our work with Reverdia to the development and commercialization of other sustainable polymers in our strategic markets. These innovative materials address a potential market in excess of $500 million.”

Marcel Lubben, President of Reverdia said,

“We are excited to work with a leading company like Xinhuarun and to be part of its journey to the next generation renewable footwear. This collaboration and the planned expansion demonstrate Biosuccinium™’s ability to bring excellent functionality and best-in-class eco-footprint to Xinhuarun’s bio-materials.”


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