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Mitsui Chemicals’s Do Green Sunglasses Made from Plant-Derived Materials

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Japan) announced the successful development of Do Green™ sunglasses which use plant-derived frames and plant-derived bio-based ophthalmic lens materials.

do green mitsui chemicals sunglasses

The new sunglasses appeared at the ITU World Triathlon Yokohama on May 14-15,2016.

As part of Mitsui Chemicals’ efforts to realize a cohesive society in harmony with the environment and in addition to offering a wide selection of plant-derived products under the name Do Green™, the Group also conducts activities for a sustainable society and provides solutions in areas that supply the natural ingredients for these products.

Last October, as one initiative of Do Green™, the Group conducted eye examinations and surveyed 153 castor oil plant farmers and rural residents of Gujarat, India in an effort to help improve their quality of vision and solve social issues facing farmers producing raw materials used in the Group’s plant-derived products.

Mitsui Chemicals developed the Do Green™ sunglasses in collaboration with the SWANS program of Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd., which has a good track record in designing sportswear products, and with Itoh Optical Industrial Co., Ltd., which has expertise in the manufacture of high-performance lenses. The sunglasses use Mitsui Chemicals’ bio-based lens and frame material and have acquired biomass product certification in Japan.

Mitsui Chemicals is a YOKOHAMA SUPPORTER and provides its support to the ITU World Triathlon Yokohama. Do Green™ sunglasses were presented to participants, judges, and staff members of the event.

At the event’s Expo, Mitsui Chemicals displayed its Do Green™ sunglasses as well as its stamp magnifying glass for persons with low-vision and age-related vision problems, its performance-driven prosthetics materials, and its braille tiles (silica) which are being used by Yokohama City.


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