AVA starts Biochem facility for Renewables

AVA Biochem starts-up Biochem-1 facility in Muttenz (Switzerland) to produce renewable 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF)

Ava Biochem Bioplastic
Ava Biochem Bioplastic

Commercial-scale production of the high-purity renewable platform chemical 5-HMF has started at the Biochem-1 facility operated by AVA Biochem on the Clariant site in Muttenz, Switzerland. Biochem-1 will, in a first phase, produce up to 20 tons 5-HMF per year.

A subsidiary of AVA-CO2 ( Hdq Zug , Switzerland), AVA Biochem’s new, innovative production process for 5-HMF is based on a modified version of the hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC) process applied to renewable feedstock. Various levels of purity – up to 99.9% – are available in commercial-scale quantities for delivery.

In 2010, 5-HMF was identified as one of the top 10 most valuable platform chemicals by the United States Department of Energy. It is intensively being used in the research and development of innovative new materials and products, such as for polymers, resins and additives, for a wide range of applications and sectors, from chemicals and plastics to food and pharmaceuticals.

On announcing the start of commercial-scale production, AVA Biochem’s CEO Jan Vyskocil said, “AVA Biochem’s breakthrough HTC technology is opening new markets for renewable 5-HMF. I am convinced that this will push us to the forefront of the bio-based chemical industry.”

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