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Bioplastics creates microplastics and contaminate farmlands (WUR study)

Compostable plastic is marketed as soil biodegradable plastics in the agricultural sector (mulch films). EU funds are allocated to develop such films and to make us eat plastic. Bon appétit!

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  1. This is a very misleading title and a wrong conclusion.
    The ‘bioplastics’ mentioned are not bioplastics at all but modified fossil based polymers. I suggest to read the article carefully.
    The main contributors to the found plastics are PE and oxobiodegradables. These may be called bioplastics but these are not really compostable polymers like PBAT, PLA, PBS or PHA. Of these by the way only PHAs – naturally produced polymers – are intrinsically marine and soil compostable and many types of PHA are certified marine compostable. feel free to contact me at hugo.vuurens(a)

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