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Is the official climate change rhetoric a hoax? (FREE)

I found a few interesting videos questioning the scientific evidence of the official climate change narrative. This is a FREE article.

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Interview with Patrick J. Michaels who was the director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute.

Patrick J. Michaels

Michaels is a past president of the American Association of State Climatologists and was program chair for the Committee on Applied Climatology of the American Meteorological Society.

He was a research professor of Environmental Sciences at University of Virginia for 30 years.

Michaels was a contributing author and is a reviewer of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

His writing has been published in the major scientific journals, including Climate Research, Climatic Change, Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Climate, Nature, and Science, as well as in popular serials worldwide.

He is the author or editor of six books on climate and its impact, and he was an author of the climate “paper of the year” awarded by the Association of American Geographers in 2004.

He has appeared on most of the worldwide major media.

He also contributed a chapter to’s Visions of Liberty.

Michaels holds AB and SM degrees in biological sciences and plant ecology from the University of Chicago, and he received a PhD in ecological climatology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1979.

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During a House Oversight hearing in April 2019, former Secretary of State John Kerry had a heated exchange with Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Kentucky, over his college degree and whether it qualified him to speak to the threat of climate change.

John Kerry

John Kerry seems to accuse other politicians of not having the academic background to speak about climate change so I checked John Kerry’s CV on Wikipedia. Here’s what I found:

In 1962, Kerry attended Yale University, majoring in political science and residing in Jonathan Edwards College. It doesn’t say anything about ‘climatology’ related studies …. and by the way, if we take the argument that academic education is a must to speak about climate change then we shouldn’t listen to Greta Thunberg as she has no academic background on climatology.

However, something else triggered my attention on Kerry’s Wikipedia page, I quote “He also became a member of Skull and Bones Society”

I checked on the internet what ‘Skull and Bones’ is and to be honest with you, I wish I didn’t. It’s some kind of “ultra select obscure occult society for highly powerful and privileged people”.

I believe in the good nature of people and hope that most people are well-intentioned otherwise society would not hold. Reading about this type of occult society is not in line with what I wish for mankind and society.

I’m a bit disappointed in Joe Biden that he has chosen someone like John Kerry to be the US ambassador for climate.

John Kerry was also caught lying under oath about his family not having a private jet John Kerry Caught Lying under Oath (Free)

Another video

There seem to be a kabal if you speak out against the “official” climate change rhetoric.

What do I think of it?

Is climate change a hoax?

Climate change has been present on earth before there were humans on the planet (Ice Ages for instance) so climate change seems to be a constant …. whether or not there are humans on the planet.

There’s one thing certain:

With all the (1) pollution that we emit in the atmosphere, oceans and soil and (2) all the natural ressources that we’re depleting, we’re destroying the planet, ecosystems, fauna & flora, etc. for sure.

But to the question:

Is man-made CO2 emissions the single most important factor related to the destruction of the planet’s ecosystems in general?

I’m not sure of this!

A few years back, they scared the hell out of us with holes in the ‘ozon layer’ …. now suddenly, the ozon layer is healing while, I’m not sure our destructive impact on the planet has been reduced in anyway. In the contrary.

And there seems to be a pattern: billionaires who have a billionaires and luxurious lifestyles seems to be the prophets of the “official” climate change rhetoric. They tell us how to live our lives while their lifestyles have a much larger carbon footprint than the average Joe’s lifestyle.

For instance, John Kerry’s family owns the company ‘Heinz’ that makes Ketchup, he flies with private jets and he’s the climate ambassador of the US government? Seriously.

Many people believe that the official climate change rhetoric is a “conspiracy”.

Well, I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy, but there’s clearly an agenda …. to make money. The official climate change rhetoric wants us to believe that ‘Net Zero’ and ‘carbon emission trading’ are the solution to stop climate change, while we know for sure that climate change is a constant on planet earth … whether or not there are humans.

The official climate change rhetoric creates a distraction to solve the real problems: socio-economic injustice and environmental problems such as depletion of natural ressources, destruction of fauna, flora and ecosystems.

I think power corrupts the mind of people so politicians who have been too long in power are inevitably morally and / or financially corrupt.

But eventually, we’re all in this together…. whether you’re poor or rich … at the end of the day if we destroy our planet, rich and poor children will face the same problems.

Corporate leaders who decide to follow fake solutions (Net Zero, Greenwashing, Carbon Emission Trading, WEF’s climate change rhetoric) are guilty of leaving planet earth in a bad state for their own children.

Try to think by yourself and come up with real solutions within your corporation on how you can solve socio-economic injustices and how you can respect ecosystems, fauna and flora.

Nothing beats (corporate) common sense. Be courageous, dare to think outside the box and beware of the false prophets.

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