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Worms Eating PLA

What are the consequences of worms eating PLA? This article got me fascinated. You have to read this one.

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  1. dear Axel
    no news here
    Worms are eating plastics regardless of origin .
    ALL the ecotoxicity tests in norms are using worms to analyse mortality of the worms and conclude on the toxicity or not . EN 13432 for example .
    what is amazing is that so called scientist do produce paper to create buzz . In the 90 s
    tests has been done on worms by michel vert at CNRS .
    worms were weighted ,worms were put on diet for 30 days ,worms were weighted again they lost weight ?they are in contact with micro plastics ,they are weighted … they gained weight . Toxicity of plastics is brought by the additive they carry if they do awhen they do otherwise …

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