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United Airlines Goes into Full Greenwashing Mode (FREE)

United Airlines goes into full greenwashing mode. This is a FREE article.

Here’s a napkin from United Airlines:

How can an airline company become “completely (100 %)” greenhouse gas emission free?


An individual cannot be completely GHG emission free …. so how can one of the largest airline company do it?

The answer is easy.

This is part of the “Net Zero greenwashing propaganda“.

How do you identify the biggest polluters and greenwashers on the planet?

They surf on the Net Zero scheme ….

The Net Zero initiative has become a bonanza for master greenwashers.

Corporation surfing on the Net Zero scheme usually claim to be GHG emission free by 2050 …. as if their current board of directors had any idea on how the world will look like or if their corporation will still be around in 2050?

The people making those claims won’t be around anymore.

Claiming to be Net Zero by 2050 is like making a promise that your children will have to hold.

It’s like taking a loan at the bank and claiming that your kids will reimburse it by 2050.

Don’t tell your customers what you will be doing in 2050 …. tell them what you have achieved in the previous year and what you will achieve in the next 3 to 5 years.

Net zero = empty promises

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