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The Braskem Fairy Tale (FREE)

Documentary on the skeletons in the closet of Braskem. Many companies involved in the bio-economy have committed environmental and social crimes. This is a FREE article.

Braskem is one of the leading bioplastic companies.

They’re the world’s biggest producer of bio-PE which is a bio-based equivalent for fossil based PE.

Watch the following Brazilian documentary with English subtitles.

Watch the documentary

Moral versus Greed

I’m asking myself a few questions regarding the bio-based economy:

1 – Many people say that the bio-based economy is better (greener) than the fossil based economy, but how do you deal with the fact that many companies involved in the bio-based economy have skeletons in their closet when it comes to destroying the environment and local communities?

2 – Do you think companies who have committed environmental crimes in the fossil economy will suddenly become responsible corporate players in the bio-based economy?

My answers:

1 – I think this is called “hypocrisy”.

2 – I think the answer is “no”. You don’t become a responsible corporate actor by just changing the “feedstock”.

I think public affairs professionals are paid a lot of money to compensate with the fact that they will act against their own personal conscience.

It’s like lawyers who defend criminals who have committed awful crimes. Apparently, it haunts them at the end of their lives. They become bitter and / or depressed and start taking anti-depressive medication.

You’re not always doing yourself a favour by selling your conscience for money; you may be able to “trick” your consciousness with material gains for a while but not forever because at the end of the day you cannot trick your soul.

And when your conscience and your soul are not aligned, that’s were you create bad karma for yourself.

Try to be truthful to yourself and your moral values.

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