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BASF Accused of Assault and Battery Against Employee(s) (FREE)

Another serious human right abuse scandal at BASF -- This is a FREE article.

The labor inspectorate in Antwerp (Belgium) has launched an investigation into serious bullying at chemical company BASF in Antwerp.

There is evidence of intentional assault and battery. 

A foreman has already been fired for urgent reasons, according to the trade union.

What we know already is that at least one employee was physically and mentally abused for a period of approximately a year by a member of BASF senior management.

One of the complaint filled at the police said that a BASF team leader put a bag on the head of an employee and strangled him. This happened during office hours.

Personal Remarks

Many readers must have the same question …. did he use a compostable plastic bag or not? More seriously …

You know the reputation of BASF: they think they’re above the law.

I think BASF has one of the the worse code of conduct in the chemical industry…. or maybe even in the corporate world.

Remember they were judged after WWII during the Nuremberg Trials for crime against humanity and they got away with it. In addition, the company was not “denazified” after the Nuremberg Trials due to the cold war context.

I’ve personally been threatened face-to-face and blackmailed by a senior BASF Vice President for the content on my blog. I was told that no member of European Bioplastics would advertise on my site … which all members of European Bioplastics followed through. Collusion, collusion, collusion … absence of any dignity.

They’re also involved in a boycott against my person : European Bioplastics Calls for a Boycott (FREE)

Anyway, I’ve still named them company of the year 2021 Best Bioplastic Company of 2021 (FREE) because I believed they were the best in 2021 and because I put my personal feelings aside when making judgement calls.


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