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Omya and Idwala Establish Joint Venture in South Africa

Omya International AG and Idwala Industrial Holdings Ltd. have formed a joint venture in South Africa, ‘Omya Idwala SA’, offering a one-stop-shop experience for their customers and principals.

The joint venture will have access to a high-quality and broad portfolio of Calcium Carbonate and Specialty Chemical products.

Omya Idwala SA will offer a full range of local Idwala products and imported Omya products, complemented by a large portfolio of Specialty Chemicals and with strong technical application support service.

The joint venture will strengthen Omya’s position in the growing South African market across all segments building on Idwala’s expertise and local knowledge.

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“As a leading supplier of high-quality calcium carbonate products and one of the largest distributors of specialty chemicals worldwide, we are very excited to significantly expand both our chemical products portfolio and our geographical presence in South Africa.

Idwala, whom we have been enjoying successful cooperation with for many years, is the right partner for us in this development.”, comments Harald Pfaller, CEO Region Greater South & East of Omya.

Wayne Brown, Managing Director of Idwala, says: “We are delighted to begin the next steps in strengthening our Calcium Carbonate and chemicals distribution business in our home market.

Having combined our forces with Omya we will become an even stronger partner to our customers and suppliers in South Africa.”

Omya Idwala SA has offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town with further planned expansion of its sales network in the near future.



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rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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