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Omya Launches Smartfill® 55 – OM for Biopolymers and PLA

PRESS RELEASE - Omya is pleased to announce the launch in Europe of Omya Smartfill® 55 - OM, a new functionalized Calcium Carbonate for use in biopolymers and in particular Polylactic Acid (PLA).

Conventional Calcium Carbonate products lead to PLA degradation because of hydrolysis during processing.

Omya Smartfill 55 – OM demonstrates almost no hydrolysis when processed at filler loads of up to 40%.

At the same time, the addition of Omya Smartfill® 55 – OM in films, sheets and injection molded items improves product stiffness, impact resistance, elongation, heat transfer, and it contributes to an overall reduction in formulation cost.

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Omya Smartfill® 55 – OM is food contact compliant according to (EU) Regulation No 10/2011 and FDA approved.

It also passes the compostable evaluation criteria for heavy metals, fluorine and ecotoxicity, outlined in the European norm EN 13432.

This new product reflects the company’s commitment to offer sustainable and innovative solutions for the plastics industry.

For more information’s please visit Smartfill Page on Omya Website or contact Smartfill@omya.com

About Omya 

Omya is a leading global producer of industrial minerals – mainly fillers and pigments derived from calcium carbonate and dolomite – and a worldwide distributor of specialty chemicals.

The company provides a wealth of product solutions that contribute to its customers’ competitiveness and productivity in multiple industries such as Construction, Printing & Writing, Technical Polymers, Packaging, Food, Personal & Home Care, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Forestry, Water and Energy.

Founded in 1884 in Switzerland, Omya has a global presence extending to more than 175 locations in over 50 countries with 8,000 employees.

Committed to implementing the principals of sustainability at all company levels, Omya provides added value products and services from responsibly sourced materials to meet the essential needs of current and future generations.

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