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Who Defended Plastics?

Who was courageous enough to defend plastics in public when the industry was under fire by plastic bans?

The plastics industry has a global turnover of around 1200 billions $ per year.

That’s approximately the combined annual defence / military budget of following countries: US, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, UK, Japan

It’s probably enough money to buy the Pentagon twice … and there would still be enough money left to pay for the campaign and get a US presidential candidate elected.

So you may think … when the plastic industry was under fire by all these plastic bans, there was enough resources to defend the industry. Right?

Well no! It was a proper fiasco. One that even Wall Street hedge funds manager will remember for years!

The following phrases summarise the context: Plastic is undefendable. Nobody dares to stand up in front of NGOs.

I mean … seriously … 1200 billions $ …  undefendable?

Plastics Hall of Fame

Let’s have a look at who defended plastics in public. The ranking is in chronological order.

To give you some context, the EU SUP Ban Directive was adopted in June 2019. Nobody intervened before the ban …

Here are the Plastic Champions

  1. Jim Fitterling, CEO Dow (4/9/2019)
  2. Michael Laurier, CEO Symphony Environmental (5/9/2019)
  3. French Plastic Federation Manifesto (28/11/2019)
  4. Luc-Éric Krief, VP French Plastic Federation (30/12/2019)
  5. Michael Stephen, MD OPA (1/1/2020)
  6. Christophe Doukhi de Boissoudy, CEO Novamont France (13/1/2020)
  7. Martin Engelmann, MD German Plastic Packaging Federation (20/01/2020)


What do you notice?

An American CEO from an American Company is leading the ranking. Damn it!  These Americans are good!

No Japanese company or CEO on the list.

One American, two brits, three Frenchies (2 people and one organisation) and one German.

The french Federation “La fédération de la plasturgie et des composites”  is present in two places. They must be considered like the Champions of the Plastic federation.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let us congratulate Mr. Jim Fitterling.

Jim, you’ve made your marks. You were the first one to stand up. You weren’t afraid to defend your industry and company. You were courageous. You are a true American.

Let’s name Jim Fittering the Hero of the week or the month!

plastic hall of fame
Jim Fitterling, DOW CEO

Here are the articles

  • 4/9/2019 – Jim Fitterling, CEO Dow

DOW CEO Has the Solution to The Plastic Crisis

  • 5/9/2019 – Michael Laurier, CEO Symphony Environmental

What is Good About Plastics?

  • 28/11/2019 – French Plastic Federation (La fédération de la plasturgie et des composites) –

French Plastic Federation Launches Manifesto

  • 30/12/2019 – Luc-Éric Krief, VP Fédération de la Plasturgie et des Composites –

French Plastic Federation Defends Recycling on TV

  • 1/1/2020 – Michael Stephen, MD OPA

Plastiphobia, Microplastics and A Throw-Away Society

  • 13/1/2020 – Christophe Doukhi de Boissoudy, CEO Novamont France –

Interview with CEO Novamont France

  • 20/01/2020 – Martin Engelmann, MD German Plastic Packaging Federation (IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen)

German Federation Reacts to EU Plan to Expand Plastic Bans


Have we missed someone? Would you like to add someone? Send us the link to the article!

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