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French Plastic Federation Defends Recycling on TV

On Monday December 30, Luc-Éric Krief, vice-president of the French Federation of Plastics and Composites, discussed the impact of the French Plastic ban on TV.

The interview took place on BFM Business, the 1st French channel of continuous economic and financial information, with exclusive interviews of leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, experts and economists.


Finally someone from the plastics industry decides to come out of the trenches to defend “plastics” in France.

A few numbers were given during the interview: the plastics Industry represents …

  • between 122 K and 150 K employees;
  • a turnover of 30 Billion €;
  • 3.500 companies in France.

According to mr. Krief, the French plastic industry made a pact and promised to use recycled plastics by 2025 and to remove microplastics from the oceans through an operation called “Clean Sweep”.

The presenter asked Mr. Krief the following question:

“Can we create a plastic, besides recycled plastics, that is less polluting, for instance plastic bags made from corn?

Mr. Krief answered by giving an eulogy to plastic recycling instead of promoting bioplastics.

Positive Points

It was necessary to show up on TV and defend Plastics. Finally someone takes his responsibility !!! Well done Mr. Krief

Negative Points

Doing an aulogy for plastic recycling is a risky move. The public opinion doesn’t believe in recycling anymore.

Removing microplastics through operation Clean Sweep? Seriously?

Mr. Krief could have promoted bioplastics out of his 7 minutes interview, especially when the presenter asked him the last question, but he didn’t.

It would be wise to fine-tune his tactics !!




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