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Why France Will Ban Paper and Cardboard Cups?

The French Parliament discovered that cardboard and paper cups are not recyclable.

Paper and cardboard are not “waterproof”. We need to add a thin layer of plastic within the cup to make it waterproof or liquid proof. This is what we call laminated.

The plastic layer or laminate cannot be removed easily and thus the paper / cardboard cups cannot be recycled.

We can say that the plastic layer (laminate) contaminates the cardboard / paper waste stream.

Funnily enough, a 100 % plastic cup can be recycled.

This rightful point was brought to the attention of the french MPs by the Plastic Lobby.

Many stakeholders of the plastic industry were afraid that the paper and cardboard industry would benefit from the plastic bashing in the sense that it would be perceived as an sustainable alternative to plastics.

The plastic lobby was more efficient than the cardboard and paper lobby.

The end of paper and cardboard cups in Europe is coming.



Les Députés découvrent que les gobelets en carton ne sont pas vraiment recyclables




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