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New Awareness Campaign for Separate Collection of BioWaste in France

The purpose of this campaign is to make separate collection of biowaste a topic during the next French local council elections of 2020.


Compostplus is a French national network that brings together elected officials and technicians from communities involved in sorting bio-waste at source.

The network has brought together communities aiming for the separate collection of bio-waste since 2007.

The association was created in 2011, as an initiative of 6 communities wishing to strengthen the recognition of the sector at national level.

Today, it has 28 member communities (nearly 9 million inhabitants) throughout France, of which 16 are winners of the call for projects Zero Waste Zero Waste.

Thanks to feedback from its members and in collaboration with its partners, the network is now participating in the development and promotion of the sector with public authorities, local elected representatives and environmental stakeholders.


The next local council elections in France will be in 2020.

The new European directive will force member states to sort and collect biowaste separately by 2023.

An Awareness Campaign

Compostplus recently launched a campaign called “Ce Serait Absurde” (Translated – It would be absurd or it would be stupid) (ceseraitabsurde) to increase awareness around separate collection of biowaste. The message of the campaign is simple: it would be stupid not to do it. Several videos were launched a shared on social media.












CompostPlus Website


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