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New Edible Whiskey Pods Made from Seaweed

The Glenlivet just announced a 'capsule collection'.

Ever wanted to enjoy a decent scotch without the hassle of using a glass? Upscale whiskey brand The Glenlivet has just announced its new “Capsule Collection” which enables consumers to pop a pod of booze directly into their mouth.

The new range includes three new Founders Reserve-based cocktail recipes, each held within pods that are biodegradable and edible, and are made from seaweed.

“The Glenlivet has released an original whiskey drinking experience,” states a promotional video. “A collection of edible cocktail capsules made from seaweed, meaning no need for a glass, ice, or a cocktail stirrer.

The capsules in the new collection are similar in size and appearance to detergent pods, bringing back memories of the highly dangerous “Tide Pod challenge” from last year, which saw a frankly mind-boggling number of teenagers eating the colorful, poisonous pods in internet videos.

The striking resemblance that the Glenlivet Capsule Collection bears to Tide Pods has got some people thinking the whole thing is a hoax.

Far from being a joke, the Capsule Collection was thought up as a limited time offer for London Cocktail Week, which runs from October 4 to October 13.

And while some people have criticized the pods for cheapening or taking away from the experience of enjoying a whiskey, others have praised the innovation behind the biodegradable packaging, and the fact that a single use edible pod might make cocktails more accessible to individuals who have limited mobility or dexterity.

Most importantly, unlike detergent pods, these brightly colored, appetizing capsules are perfectly safe to put in your mouth… as long as you enjoy responsibly.


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Edible Whiskey ‘Tide Pods’ Are Now a Thing, and the Internet Is Feeling Some Kind of Way


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