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Sky News Invests in Bioplastics

Sky News Invests in a biodegradable plastic bottle and edible plastic packaging.

The bottle is produced by Choose Water and is made of recycled paper on the outside and an inner waterproof layer. The bioplastic bottle biodegrades in two to three weeks. The bottle will be launched this year.

sky invests in bioplastics bottle and packaging

The edible sachet called “Ooho” is produced by Skipping Rocks Lab and is made from plants and seaweed. It can be flavoured and coloured. It is said to break down in four to six weeks (100% biodegradable).

ooho edible bioplastics packaging

Sky Ocean Ventures is an impact investment vehicle set up by Sky News that will invest in new ideas and businesses who can help solve the oceans plastic crisis. Sky Ocean Ventures has £25m to keep plastic out of the oceans. These are the first two investments that Sky Ocean Ventures has made.

Sky Ocean Rescue is a campaign launched by Sky Ocean Ventures in January 2017. It aims to shine a spotlight on the issues affecting ocean health and to find innovative solutions to the problem of ocean plastics.


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