What Will Chemical Companies Showcase at K 2019?

What will your competitors show at K 2019?

In June, over 20 journalists landed in Brussels to attend the 6th EMG Pre-K conference.

During the two-day event, several companies including Ascend, Clariant, DSM, INEOS Styrolution, Perstorp, SABIC and Songwon had the opportunity to present their K 2019 products, stories and innovations.

BioBased Delta kicked of the conference by spearheading green chemicals to bring about the transition to a biobased economy.

INEOS Styrolution announced it will focus on styrenic solutions for the circular economy at K 2019.

Plastic was a hot topic throughout the presentation with Rob Buntinx, President EMEA explaining: “Plastic has made the world more revolutionary, however there is inadequate waste disposal. We need to bring plastic back into its original state.”

At K itself, Clariant will reveal specific partnerships and solutions advancing its “Symphony of Collaboration” as a key theme.

Lynette Chung, Head of Corporate Sustainability Strategy & Advocacy, explained: “Plastics have significant advantages but also disadvantages that we see exciting as this can lead to opportunities.”

She says the company will be revealing the partnerships they have created as the company has a collective responsibility to embrace plastics and take them into the circular economy.

Further adding we are rethinking the challenges of plastic waste as all stakeholders need to be on board for it to be a success.

Head of innovation, Richard Haldimann, championed plastics, stating: “Plastic is critical to our way of living. It has unparalleled versatility inspiring innovation especially in the medical and automotive industries.”

He believes there are three core elements needed to address this. The first a portfolio of products. Secondly, collaboration and thirdly, knowledge across the value chain and different recycling technologies.

Perstorp discussed the launch of its new Pevalen Pro, a polyolester plasticizer based on partly renewable raw materials, while SABIC says it is the first in the industry to scale-up an innovative chemical recycling process to return mixed plastic waste back to the original polymer to help drive circular economy.

The company is using feedstock made from mixed plastic waste to produce certified circular polymers at its Geleen production site in The Netherlands and says its certified circular polymers are one of many highlights to expect at K 2019.

Ascend Performance Materials plans to unveil a new portfolio of specialty polymers at K 2019. The company has invested in ADN and PA66 capacity, diversifying its portfolio with more specialty products and looking at multiple opportunities to expand its global operations.

Under the theme ‘It’s all about the Chemistry’, SONGWON will showcase how chemistry plays a role in people’s daily lives, the sustainable chemistry base behind SONGWON’s solutions and the importance of ‘chemistry’ between people.

Dieter Morath, Board Member, SONGWON industrial group, emphasised: “Plastic is not the problem. It’s what we do with it.”

DSM concluded the conference explaining how the markets for engineering plastics increasingly require innovative solutions that make people’s lives safer, more convenient and healthier. DSM says it will showcase products and solutions addressing these challenges at the K Show.



This article was published on and written by Grace Nolan

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