Packaging That You Can Plant After Use

Biopack by George Bosnas is packaging made from seeds that grow when planted.

Even though there are many people who think recycling is enough of a contribution to the environment, greek designer george bosnas thinks the traditional waste management process uses high energy and is a costly operation.

He argues it becomes expensive to process all the leftover materials and makes it a lengthy process. so in response he created the playful yet sustainable approach to a traditional egg crate – the biopack.

The chubby, little box is ecological on every level. bosnas’ innovative packaging is made out of cleared paper pulp, flour, starch and biological seeds.

It comes with four eggs inside its densely-packed material, protecting them from breaking. after using the eggs, instead of discarding or even recycling the box, users are encouraged to plant it and water it so the legume seeds that are part of the box itself can grow.

The designer’s idea stems from creating a new packaging alternative that does not need to be recycled to still help the environment, at an even deeper level.

Through his research, he found that growing legume vegetables actually increases soil fertility because of their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen through their root nodule. this resulted in his approach to combine legumes and carton in the biopack’s packaging.

It only takes the biopack’s legume seeds 30 days to sprout after being planted. this enables the users to literally reap the benefits of the sustainable packaging way faster than the traditional recycling methods. ‘use – plant – grow’ becomes the new ‘reduce – reduce – recycle with this rounded egg crate.



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