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New Plastics Pact in Belgium

The Belgian Food Industry Federation (Fevia) published 6 targets regarding plastic packaging. Although, they didn't call it as such, it' s a kind of Plastics Pact.

Here are the 6 promises made by the Belgian Food Industry.

Reusable, Recyclable, Compostable and Biodegradable Target

Only reusable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging will be put on the market by 2025. There’s no European definition for reusable, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable in 2019 according to Fevia. Read more

Drinks Packaging Recycling Target

They will collect and recycle 90% of all drink packaging sold on the Belgian market by 2022.  30% of all plastic bottles were collected separately and recycled in 2017. Read more

Selective Collection Target

They will double the separate collection of household waste outside homes by 2025 . 13.000 tonnes of PMC were collected in 2018. The target is to double that number to 26.000 t by 2025. Read more

Plastic Waste Recycling Target

They will recycle 65% of all household plastic waste put on the market by 2023. In 2017, the recycling rate in Belgium was around 39%.

Recycled Content Target

50 % recycled content will be used in PET drink packaging sold on the Belgian market by 2025. Read more

Litter Reduction Target

Following promises were made in the past:

A litter reduction promise was made for Flanders and Wallonia in 2015. It  should be reduced by 20% in 2020 compared to 2014. In the Brussels region, the situation is very bad so no quantitate targets were set.

A specific target was set for packaging in 2018. It should be reduced by 50% by 2025. This point can only be made possible through repressions. Read more


  • These six measures are an industry initiative ( self-regulation). The Belgian federal government was not involved in this “pact”.
  • The Belgian Federal elections took place in May 2019 and there’s currently no new federal government as the discussions are still ongoing. Wallonia voted left, while Flanders voted right. It will be hard to form a new government.
  • It will be one of the first duties of the new Federal Environment Minister to give his or her opinion on this pact. Will he or she find this ambitious or not enough? This should be an easy one for the new minister as this is, relatively speaking, a politically popular topic. He or she will probably review one or two rates and one or two dates to make it a little more ambitious.


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