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Measures of French Government Will Impact Plastics Industry

The French Government took Measures on 18th of June to counter the current socio-economic crisis and protests. Here are the measures that will impact the Plastics Industry.


France has been in the middle of a socio-economic crisis for a few moths now. Many people from the lower and middle classes are dissatisfied about Macron’s policies because they believe he’s only defending the interests of the wealthy and not of the common people. The movement is called the ‘Yellow Vests” (Gillets Jaunes) because people wear yellow vests to show their affiliations to the movement and demonstrations.

The French Government published 12 measures on the 18th of June to counter these protests. The main target of these measures is to help people get a fixed or stable job.

Measures Impacting the Plastics Industry

One of these measures is that companies from 7 specific sectors will be financially incentivised to employ people for a longer period. This measure only applies to companies with more than 11 employees.

Temporary or interim assignment in France are called CDD (contrat à durée déterminée). The French Government doesn’t want companies to abuse these type of contracts and wants companies to switch over to fixed contracts (CDI – contrat à durée indéterminée). The French Government wants to increase the job certainty in France.

One of these 7 sectors concerns the production of rubber, plastics and non-metallic applications.

The French plastic association “Plastalliance”  (L’Alliance Plasturgie et Composites du Futur) doesn’t agree with this measure and believe it will have a negative impact on the plastics industry.

Plastalliance says that these measures are in contradiction to previous agreements and asked the French Governent to share the method that was used to select these 7 specific sectors.



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