Bioplastics In Aerospatial Applications

In November 2018, Expleo, Arkema, Cobratex, Specific Polymers, Cirimat, Compositadour, Lisa Aeronautics and Mécano announced that they will design a new biosourced technical composites based on long bamboo fibres. It will be presented publicly as we speak.

This composite is called BAMCO (Bamboo long fibre reinforced biobased Matrix Composite).

The purpose of BAMCO was to reduce the environmental footprint of aircraft by making their structure lighter and reducing their fuel consumption, as well as delivering benefits that extend well beyond the aerospace industry. The European REACH regulation encouraged this evolution.

The first prototype components of BAMCO are scheduled to be produced in 2021.

  • Arkema, Neste and Covestro, Braskem, US Survey and BASF

  • Agilix, Amazon Climate Fund, McDonald’s Biofuel, e-Nable, Huhtamaki Startups, African Parks, Siberia

  • Chemical Recycling Commitments & Incentives, Deep Sea Plastic, Greece SUP Ban, NY Composting

The Paris International Air Show will take place between 17 and 23 June. Expleo may be presenting BAMCO during that air show.

Expleo is a technology partner providing integrated engineered services for aviation, space and defence industry players.


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