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Italian Embassy Does Marketing Campaign With Novamont

Six months into its latest UK diplomatic mission, the Italian Embassy in London has reduced the amount of waste it produces by approximately 20 per cent, while 50 per cent of it is recyclable and 30 per cent compostable.

Working in partnership with Italian bioplastics producer Novamont, the embassy launched ‘Zero-Waste Embassy’ in order to improve its waste management and energy supply, with all litter returning in a closed loop.

The embassy has switched to Green Network, which supplies energy exclusively from renewable sources, as its gas and electricity supplier, topping up the energy provided by the photovoltaic panels installed recently on its roof.

Catia Bastioli, chief executive of Novamont, said: “The current environmental and social challenges can no longer be ignored, and we need a long-term strategy, while also achieving as much as we can in the short and medium term. The embassy’s laudable decision to minimise the use of disposable products, to use compostable products where necessary, and to ensure that organic waste is collected and transformed into high-quality compost, is a concrete step towards more careful approach to resources.”


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