The French Add Luxury and Glamour to Sustainable Packaging

ÉDITION SPÉCIALE by Luxe Pack is an original and brand new event dedicated to luxury packaging in Paris, which provides important editorial content and the best adapted solutions from manufacturers to overcome the current challenges for the industry.

A high-end event in an original format with a keen interactive focus all year round. An event built with brands and manufacturers whose concrete solutions will be integrated in the event’s official report.

 An opportunity to federate brands and manufacturers around a challenge for the whole industry and to initiate a collaborative experience focused on innovation.

EDITION SPECIALE by LUXE PACK is focusing on sustainability and eco-design for tomorrow’s packaging, establishing and embracing continuous improvement.

Manufacturers, brands, experts… Every technique and expertise developed with the environment in mind and in line with the values of technical excellence and ethical standards will be showcased.

Continuous interactive events for the professional community with specific and expert content shown on multimedia before and during the event (testimonials, best practices, market information, etc.)

Everyone taking part in EDITION SPECIALE by LUXE PACK should present a project on this year’s theme “Ecological packaging innovations”

A precise description must be provided of the presented product, demonstrating its eco-design and positive impact.

To determine the degree of the product’s sustainability and assess its “level” of eco-design, the product will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • Design
  • Raw materials used
  • Production process
  • End of life





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