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First 3D Printed Bathtub in Bioplastics

The bathtub is named Sessilia and it's the first 3D printed bathtub in one piece.
  • The concept is 100% Dutch (the Netherlands).
  • It’s made from meltable thermoplastic rubber.
  • The designer is Eliza Noordhoek from ‘Industrial Design Engineering’ of TU Delft and it’s made made by Dekker Zevenhuizen and Triboo.
  • The bathtubs will be commercially available in several colours as from 2020
  • Sessilia consist of 500 layers, printed in 24 hours at a speed of 15cm /seconds


  • We have to give it to the Dutch; a small Nation but always at the top.
  • Imagine what the Dutch could do if they started spending a bit more money in communications and marketing.



This article was published on www.bouwenwonen.net