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Bioplastic From Red Fruit Might Save Planet

Plastic is the number one enemy of our planet. While eco-activists encourage lessening plastic use all over the world, scientists and entrepreneurs are working on creating an eco-friendly material that could replace plastic.

Although scientists have yet to develop a practical material to replace plastic, the answer to all our prayers might have been discovered in Yozgat, in the middle of Anatolia.

Students and their science teacher at Fatma Temel Turhan Science and Art Center have managed to produce a type of bioplastic using red fruit.

Figen Kasap and her students managed to synthesize red fruit, such as rose hip and starch, to produce bioplastic that would increase the shelf-life of perishable food, including ayran and cheese.

The creators of the eco-friendly bioplastic claim that it decomposes in just 180 days. “As a part of the Zero Waste Movement, we wanted to come up with a type of bioplastic that can decompose in nature,” Kasap said. “We were looking a raw material that can be found in nature and decided on the red fruit.

Bioplastic can be used in every industry that uses plastic. It decomposes and is healthier, which means it can be used in toys and baby bottles.


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