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New Consortium Will Convert Biomass Waste into Furfural

Biorizon is setting up a consortium around the conversion of biomass waste into furfural. We’re looking for waste streams, such as manure, cellulosic biomass residuals, spent grain, digestate and sludge. And for end-users to evaluate bio-aromatics in applications, such as coatings, lubricants and adhesives.

Renewable chemical building blocks (furfural) from waste biomass

Biorizon is setting up a consortium around the conversion of biomass waste into furfural, a renewable chemical building block for the chemical industry. Proof-of-principle has already been delivered in previous projects, the goal of the envisioned project is to develop and scale-up a continuous conversion technology up to TRL5.

Setting up a consortium that covers the whole value chain

TNO, being responsible for Biorizon’s ‘sugars-to-aromatics’ horizon, has initiated a project proposal within the framework of Interreg NWE. This constitutes a 2-stage evaluation process, of which the first stage has been successfully achieved. For acquiring the project, a consortium is required that covers the whole value chain, with various organizations from the North-West-Europe region.

Call for waste stream suppliers & end-users

Although a few feedstock suppliers are already on board, as well as a furfural user, the consortium is looking for extension, in particular with respect to supply of waste streams, such as:

  • manure
  • cellulosic biomass residuals
  • spent grain
  • digestate
  • sludge

This project could contribute to valorizing these waste streams.

Furthermore, in the envisioned project, furfural will be used to produce bio-aromatics, for which end-users are welcomed as (associate) partners, for the evaluation of such bio-aromatics in various applications, such as:

  • coatings
  • lubricants
  • adhesives

This project could help to make current products more sustainable and to develop new functionalities.

More information

If you are interested to participate, please contact Roger Blokland ( for more information. The deadline is end of April 2019.



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