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Joint Venture to Develop Paper Bottle

Alpla and Billerud Korsnäs form joint venture to develop paper bottle

A bottle made of paper? Alpla and Billerud Korsnäs are working to make this true. Future generations of paper bottles will be fully bio-based and will have biodegradable barriers, the companies predict.

Austrian producer of plastic packaging solutions Alpla and Sweden’s paper packaging materials provider Billerud Korsnäs will form a joint venture to develop a completely bio-based and recyclable paper bottle. The two companies announced that the Danish company ecoxpac, which specialises in paper bottles, will in future be owned equally by Alpla and Billerud Korsnäs, while the founding family is said to hold a remaining minority share. Billerud Korsnäs is currrently the majority owner of the company and has held shares in ecoxpac since 2015. The companies say that Billerud Korsnäs has been a driving force behind the ongoing development of the paper bottle, which ecoxpac began in 2010, since 2015 together with the Carlsberg Group.

The two companies want to bundle their resources and competencies to support ecoxpac in the commercialization of a fully bio-based and recyclable paper bottle. At the end of 2016, the Carlsberg Group presented the first prototype of a paper bottle, the Green Fiber Bottle. Since then, the first generation of paper bottles has been in a test phase. The two companies’ plan is now to continue the development to start production and subsequently expand it.


  • It’s a really bold statement from Carlsberg to pretend that a paper bottle can contain beer!!
  • Paper / cardboard drink packaging already exist for water, milk and juices: Tetra Pak.  However, it becomes tricky for sparkling drinks as the challenge lies in the “pressure”.
  • It’s a Scandinavian / Nordic dream to replace plastic packaging with ‘paper’, lignin or celluloses’, because they have lots of sustainably managed forests. The day it happens, they will literally hit the jackpot.
  • However, always double check when a Dane makes this kind of claim. How many beers did he drank when he made the claim? Was the claim made before or after the aperitif?



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