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Will Dow Go Bioplastics?

Potential synergies are being explored between BiologiQ’s NuPlasticQ biopolymer and Dow’s PE resin portfolio.

A new collaboration has been announced between Dow, Midland, Mich., and BioLogiQ, Idaho Falls, Idaho, to evaluate potential synergies between the latter’s novel NuPlastiQ plant-based biopolymer and Dow’s PE resin portfolio, in an effort to explore enhanced sustainable plastic options.

Dow and BioLogiQ will work together to test and consider potential applications that incorporate bio-based resins with PE, in the hopes of enabling more plant-based plastic products.

Seven-year-old startup BioLogiQ will utilize Dow’s industry-leading research and development, as well as the company’s extensive plastic resin sales and distribution network, to determine if they can successfully leverage plant-based plastics.

NuPlasticQ is 100% natural, renewably-resourced, plant-based resin (derived from the excess starch produced–and usually discarded–during potato processing). “Our mission at BioLogiQ is to provide a way to create plastic products made from renewable resources,” explained Brad LaPray, founder and president of BioLogiQ.

The evaluation will help determine if NuPlastiQ is a potential fit with Dow’s business from performance, bio-based and commercial viability perspectives.

During the next year, Dow and BioLogiQ will perform evaluations at Dow’s Pack Studios Development Center in Freeport, Texas and engage brands, research institutes and associations to evaluate the range of benefits from a combined offering.



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