A&R Carton Launches New Small-Sized Sustainable Boardio Composite Cans

AR Packaging member A&R Carton has introduced new small-sized fiber content composite cans to better meet the requirements of the customers. A&R Carton is providing Boardio composite can in new sizes, which includes fiber content of 90%.

Designed to replace full plastic container, the consumer convenient and sustainable smaller containers can be used for nutritional supplements, snacks, chewing gums and powders.

The application of high fiber content will help minimize the use of fossil-based plastics, enabling to reduce the impact on the environment.

A&R Carton performance packaging segment sales director Johan Werme said: “Our new Boardio packaging has attracted lots of interest with its clear environmental profile. Its flexibility in shape and size makes it ideal for a wide range of food and non-food products.

“The new smaller sizes is a sustainable alternative to full plastic containers and can thereby support brand owners to reach their set targets on environmental footprint reduction.”

Boardio packaging is a complete system solution, which is supported by components and machinery of A&R Carton. Boardio components enable to minimize resources used for transportation and storage.

A&R Carton is also further optimizing the environmental profile of the Boardio packaging and plans to introduce bio-based plastic with renewable content of more than 95%.

Werme further added: “Currently the fibres are recycled and used for new products while the minimised plastic part is energy recycled. Intense development and investments are ongoing both in Europe and globally which will make the small plastic part recyclable into new products in the near future.”

With 2950 employees and 15 production sites in 11 countries, A&R Carton provides carton packaging solutions to a range of consumer market segments.

The firm offers high-performance barrier packaging solutions, as well as systems and materials for packing sensitive powders and mixes

AR Packaging is a group of companies that includes Flextrus, CC Pack, SP Containers and ÅR Packaging Digital, in addition to A&R Carton. Based in Lund of Sweden, the group offers carton-based and flexible packaging solutions.



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