Frutas Mobiontosa Presents Biodegradable and Biocompostable Packaging

For years, Frutas Montosa has been Malaga's biggest and most important tropical fruits marketer. In the financial year 2018, it reached a turnover of 120 million Euro, and this while selling greater volumes of mangoes and avocados.

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The company, led by founder José Luis Montosa, has never stopped innovating. In the latest edition of Fruit Attraction, in Madrid, it surprised everyone with the presentation of its new Montosa Selection, and in Fruit Logistica, which is the largest international fruit and vegetable fair in Europe, it has taken a step forward by presenting a new biodegradable and biocompostable packaging made from “graspapier”, which is made from pressed dry grass.

With this initiative, Montosa aims to reach new markets, attracting those consumers who are concerned about the environment. “We are also declaring war on plastics, which we have removed from all our packaging,” explained Federico Montosa.




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