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Castor Oil As Substitute for Recycled Plastics in the Textiles Industry

Picture Organic Clothing introduces their first partially bio-based membrane, Pebax Renew, made from castor oil.

The membrane is the result of the brand’s quest to end their dependence on fossil fuels. Castor seeds were used in textile manufacturing in the 1950s, but the process slowly disappeared with the rise of plastics.

Julien Durant, Picture Co-Founder said

“The fight against climate change requires ending our dependence on fossil fuels. Using recycled materials from plastic bottles does considerably reduce the impact on the environment, but those plastic bottles are still petroleum-based waste, and therefore not a long-term solution.”

Jeremy Rochette, Picture Co-Founder and Head of Design said

“The technology has been around for a long time, but not used very much in modern-day textile manufacturing,” “We know that it is just as durable and waterproof/breathable as the petroleum-based membranes on the market. While we’re only introducing it in two products right now, there is real potential for expansion as we continue to work with suppliers.”



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