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Biodegradable Synthetic Textile Will Replace Polyester

Primaloft launches new biodegradble sythetic textile that may replace polyester.

We never saw recycling as the final step. that’s why we are constantly searching for the next solution. introducing primaloft® bio, the first-ever biodegradable* synthetic insulation. in accelerated test conditions, primaloft® bio fibers reach near complete biodegradation* in just one year, while standard polyester remains almost completely intact. a major milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable world.

How it works

Primaloft® bio is made from 100% recycled fibers that break down at a highly-accelerated rate in environments like landfills and oceans. we’ve optimized these fibers to be more appetizing to the naturally-occurring microbes that live in these environments, returning the insulation to nature at a much faster rate. a textile breakthrough that allows brands, retailers and consumers to fast-forward to a higher level of sustainability.





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