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Firmdale Hotels Go Bioplastics

Spectra helps Firmdale Hotels make the change to sustainable packaging with new sugarcane-based PET biopolymer packs.

Dan Smith, Field Sales Representative at Spectra said:

“Our sugarcane-based biopolymers, available in both PET and HDPE, are the perfect choice for customers who are concerned about compromising the end result when switching to environmental packaging. This truly renewable material alleviates those fears because it maintains exactly the same chemical properties as conventional oil-based PET and HDPE. It means there is no difference in performance or appearance to the end result. The numerous environmental advantages of using sugarcane-based biopolymers are proving a compelling proposition for many brands looking to package their products responsibly.”

Produced using ethanol from the waste of sugarcane as opposed to conventional polymers that contain fossil-based raw materials, Spectra’s sugarcane-based biopolymer captures CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, unlike many regular biopolymers that can’t be recycled without damaging the recycling chain, Spectra’s sugarcane-based PET and HDPE biopolymers are totally recyclable, offering an ideal environmental replacement to standard PET or HDPE.

Jessica Black, Group Purchasing Manager at Firmdale Hotels said,

“Spectra helped us achieve sustainable packaging without any compromise in quality, we are very happy with the results”.



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