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Bioplastics Plant Pots Now Available

500 million plastic plant pots are used every year in the UK. British gardener have an average of 39 plastic plant pots.

The bio-based pots are made from fibrous bio-based materials such as wood pulp, rice hulls and cow manure pressed in the shape of a pot. The biodegradable plant pot can be planted with the plant or thrown in the compost.

The bio-based plant pots are more expensive than plastic ones: 100 8 cm wood pulp pots cost £13,99 (€15,62), while 100 plastic pots will cost £10,88 (€12,15).

A concrete example are plant pots hand crafted in Sri Lanka using coconut husk – waste from local coconut farms.

How are the biodegradable pots produced?

Coconut husk fibres are washed, dried and pressed to produce a loose coir mat and then moulded to produce a rough pot shape. Then it’s dipped in natural latex and put through a much heavier press, to give the pot its final shape. The pots are then dried and trimmed.



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