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HP Joins Dell in Ocean Plastics Consortium

HP and Ikea joins Dell’s consortium to turn ocean-bound plastic trash into products. 

Dell became the first company to use ocean plastic in its products in 2016. They have a partnership with charity Lonely Whale Foundation.

The consortium of 10 firms aims to turn 1.2 billion single-use plastic water bottles into products and packaging by 2025.

Dell set up NextWave Plastics to create a global network of supply chains for ocean-bound plastic.

Kevin Brown, chief supply chain officer, Dell Technologies

It’s become increasingly clear that the solution to marine plastic pollution requires bold innovation and open collaboration. No company can solve this issue alone.

NextWave sources ocean-bound plastic from the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, Cameroon and Denmark, and is aiming to add India, Taiwan and Thailand to its sourcing locations by 2025.