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Danimer Scientific Will Open First Commercial PHA Plant

Danimer Scientific is opening a fermentation facility in Kentucky for the production of its PHA biopolymer that will be commercialised under the brand Nodax.

Nodax PHA is 100% bio-based and biodegradable in anaerobic, soil, fresh water and marine environments. 

It biodegrades as fast as cellulose powder or wood pulp in a proper waste management setting and will biodegrade over six months in ocean water.

The production of Nodax PHA starts with fermentation: canola oil is consumed by soil bacteria and converted into PHA.

The PHA is processed into a powder form and mixed with other biopolymers resulting in a biodegradable plastic resins.

The PHA biopolymer will be used to manufacture drinking straws, food packaging, cups, bottles, shopping bags, plates, trash bags, labels and more.

This will be the world’s first PHA commercial production plant and startup is expected in Q4 2019. Kentucky provided tax incentives for more than $1.5 million.

Earlier this month Danimer Scientific communicated that they had produced the first fully biodegradable plastic straw using Nodax PHA.

Danimer Scientific CEO Stephen Croskrey said

“It positions us to provide Nodax PHA biodegradable plastic material for a wide variety of applications, from food packaging to drinking straws and more. Kentucky’s state resources and strong local workforce have provided us with a significant leg up in getting this project off the ground.”



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Danimer Scientific to open world’s first PHA commercial production plant

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