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Co-op Supermarkets Will Use Bioplastics Bags

Co-op supermarkets will replace all single-use plastic bags with biodegradable alternatives.

Co-op will remove single-use plastic bags in 1,400 shops across England, Wales and Scotland and then from all their 2,600 premises. This represents 60 million plastic carrier bags.

Co-op will sell compostable carrier bags at the price of 5p £, but continue to sell “bags for life” made of plastic at 10p, and stronger bags for £1.

All Co-op’s own-brand packaging will become “easy to recycle” by 2023. Co-op promises to use minimum 50 % recycled plastic in their bottles, pots, trays and punnets by 2021. All the own-brand black and dark plastic packaging that is difficult to recycle, including black ready meal trays, will be eliminated by 2020.

Co-op says it powers 100 % of their stores with renewable energy sources.



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