Pet Food Packaging Will be Made from Bioplastics in the Future

A US pet food company will switch to bioplastics packaging.

Only Natural Pet will use sugarcane based bioplastics supplied by Braskem and sold under the brand “I’m Green” for their product line “Mindful Meals”.

Only Natural Pet is a US on-and offline store selling pet products including food, treats, supplements, and natural flea prevention & treatment. They will use at least 30% of bioplastic in the packaging of their Mindful Meals line.

Marty Grosjean, Founder and President of Only Natural Pet, said:

“We are very excited to be using the I’m green biopolymer in our new Mindful Meals product line. The product is all about sustainable ingredients and thoughtful sourcing to create the ultimate dog food, so packaging it in a sustainable bag is ideal to further our sustainability goals – and of course to increase the appeal to pet parents.”

Braskem’s I’m Green Polyethylene (PE) is a bio-based resin made from ethanol produced from Brazilian sugarcane. It’s a¬† drop-in substitute for conventional oil-based polyethylene.

To make this possible, they had to rely on a packaging company. Peel Plastics is a supplier of packaging solutions. They were able to integrate the I’m Green PE biopolymer into the new packaging solution while maintaining all the performance.

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