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Neste is Becoming a Major Bioplastics Producer

Neste will disrupt the plastics Industry.

Neste decided to jump into the bioplastics arena 2 years ago. It was a unique chance for Neste to diversify and to grow as a company. Nowadays, companies have to adapt and become more agile and this is exactly what Neste did. Joining the bioplastics scene was a unique opportunity to get new knowledge on board and to become a leader in sustainable and renewable feedstock.

“We have no other option than to create a sustainable future for next generations and Neste understands that bioplastics will be part of the solution,” said Lars Borger (Head of Product Marketing – Emerging Businesses at Neste).

Neste is partnering with several brand owners and industry players to make a difference in the bioplastics industry.  To realise this, Neste will focus on two points.

At an industrial level, Neste will improve and optimize the steam cracker route and provide sustainable technical fluids for all sorts of applications.

At a commercial level, Neste will work closely with brand owners to help them become more sustainable and part of the solution. They’ve recently made a partnership with IKEA to revolutionise the home furniture sector in this regard (see article).

One of Neste’s advantages is that they can hit the ground running … chemically speaking. They produce drop-ins or bio-equivalents to the oil-based chemicals. Their bio-PP and bio-PE have the same atomic structure than crude oil-based PP and PE. The only difference is that they are made with renewable resources. This will be a huge advantage for Neste’s partners as it reduces risk, testing and large investments.

The world’s most used plastics are PE and the second one is PP. Global sales value of PP is around 145 Billion $ per year. Neste is the world’s first company to produce bio-PP at commercial scale and have opened the door for the replacement of PP by bio-PP.

Neste is writing bioplastics history with this achievement and setting a milestone on the bioplastics journey.

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