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Reebok Launches Bioplastic Shoe

Sportswear brand Reebok launches its first shoe with a bioplastics sole.

This is part of Reebok’s sustainability initiative called “Cotton + Corn” launched last year. This type of initiative is called  “eco footwear”.

75 % of the shoe is made with bio-based content. The sole is made from corn, the insole from castor bean oil and the upper shoe is 100 % cotton. The bioplastics sole is an alternative to petroleum-based rubber and foam soles that are usually used in footwear.

The sole is made from a 100% biobased material trademarked Susterra propanediol and produced by DuPont Tate & Lyle’s. The material is entirely petroleum-free and non-toxic.

The advantages of Susterra propanediol:

  • Pure
  • Petroleum-free
  • Non-toxic and food safe
  • 100% sustainably and renewably sourced
  • USDA 100% certified bio-based product

20 billion pairs of shoes are made every year, and 300 million end up in landfills. Reebok is fully owned by German sport manufacturer Adidas

bioplastics sole shoes

reebok bioplastics shoes


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