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Is Bosch Expecting a storm in the Plastics Packaging Industry?

German Industrial Group Robert Bosch will sell its packaging division. Their largest business is in pharmaceutical and food packaging.

Reasons why Bosch is selling the packaging operations

  • packaging operations have insufficient synergies with Bosch’s other activities;
  • packaging operations could compete more effectively outside the group;
  • Bosch wants to focus on other topics such as transformation and digitalisation of the group. Bosch is the largest car part maker and wants to focus on electric and self-driving cars and internet of things.

Bosch hasn’t held talks with any potential buyer at this point-in-time and wishes to sell the company as one entity.

Facts about Bosch Packaging

  • Bosch Packaging was established in 1974.
  • 6.300 employees in 2017 and 6.100 today.
  • 2017 turnover is around €1.3 billion
  • Headquarters are in Waiblingen (Germany)
  • Offices in 15 countries


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