Biodegradation & Composting Packaging

Innocent Goes Bioplastics

Innocent will launch a bottle with 15% recyclable bioplastics. The objective is to have a 100 % non-virgin / sustainable plastic packaging by 2022.

The new bottle contains 50% recycled PET and 15 % plant based plastics made from a sugar cane byproduct.

This is not Innocent’s first attempt. Innocent launched a compostable PLA bottle 12 years ago but it was removed from the market 12 month later because of lack of customer understanding of compostability.

Innocent launched a 100 % recycled PET bottle in 2007 but had to cut back to 35% recycled plastics because the bad quality of the available recycled plastics. Since 2013 the bottles were made with 50% recycled PET.

Innocent is a company that has the courage to jump on the customer trends wagon and to innovate.


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