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US Towns are Banning Plastic Foam Food Containers

Many US towns are banning Plastic Foam food packaging because they're hard to recycle. It seems that the plastic revolution is getting of the ground in the US.

Stores will no longer be able to sell or use single-serve foam containers, such as cups, trays and coolers. The law will come into effect on August 1, 2018. The ban will include the sale and the use of plastic foam containers at East Hampton village. The village board of trustees adopted the decision in a 5-0 majority. Stores that sell raw meat packaging or prepackaged food items will be exempt from the ban.  The reason for the ban is that Plastic foam food containers are not easy to recycle.Village officials must first file the legislation with the New York State Department of State.

The village board received two letters in opposition of the law: from the American Chemistry Council and from Michigan-based Dart Container Corp., a food service container producer.

The move was inspired from the Patchogue village that adopted a similar ban. Patchogue Trustee Joseph Keyes is encouraging the revolution: “The Village of Patchogue is pleased that East Hampton has taken this step, and we’re encouraging all neighboring villages to follow suit.”

Dozens of municipalities nationwide, including New York City, have adopted such bans. Some commercial operations have stopped using plastic foam containers. Dunkin’ Donuts plans to stop using plastic foam cups in their shops.


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