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Germans are Pushing India on the Biobased wagon

German company Bio-lutions financed by German bank uses agricultural waste to create bio-based food packaging and tableware in India. Ze Germans are exporting the bio-based revolution to India and are leading the dance again.

Every month, tons of mulberry leaves are left over from the pruned plants in Bangalore. The leaves are shredded and dried for two days in the front yard of the Bio-lutions factory. They leaves are cleaned, mixed with water, and converted into self-binding fibers in a patented machine. More water and centrifugal force turn the fibers into a pulp, which is then passed through a forming machine and a hot press. That’s how Bio-lutions makes packaging trays for vegetables and fruits.

The packaging are like leaves, they biodegrade in three months and are approved by India’s food standards authority.

Bio-lutions received a five-year, interest-free loan from a German bank to develop bio-based tableware.

Bio-lutions is moving into a new factory in Mandya next month and will employ about 60 people. The company has already received enough orders to give the company an annual turnover of 2.5 million Euros.

Germany seem to be a leading nation when it comes to adopting bio-based and environmentally friendly practices. This may be related related to WWII. Having to reconstruct the country after WWII led to the efficient use of resources. The collective trauma part may also influence the obedience, effectiveness and discipline in adopting new practices. And let’s not talk about the Deutsche Grundligkeit … however that one was probably sold to the Chinese.



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