World Bio Markets 2018 was a Great Success

World Bio Markets 2018 took place on the 21 & 22nd of March 2018 in Amsterdam at the PTA (Passenger Terminal Amsterdam) and covered bioplastics & bio-based chemicals, products and fuels.

The conference was a great success. Most leading companies were present. The location was nice and the presentations and speakers were very good.

World Bio Markets has become one of the best European events on bioplastics. Luke Upton and his colleagues did a great job. They’re professional, customer friendly and innovative. They’re modernising the concept successfully and bringing a wind of change into the industry. Their contribution to the “bioplastics” breakthrough is substantial.

Luke and his team are part of the top three bioplastics conference organisers in Europe  It was time that a UK-based team joined the top lead by Germany. Congrats to Luke Upton and James Pickard for this great event.

You can find more information on the World bio Markets series on the following links:


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